Step 6 – Build the Vertical Trellis


This project was simple and easy to do. It took me about 1 hour to assemble. I wanted to add a vertical trellis to the last raised bed for growing cucumbers, snap peas and beans. The reason I selected the last bed was because it was the furthest from the south side. In the winter, the sun will travel across the southern sky and by building this trellis at the northern most side of the all three beds, there is nothing behind it, so I do not have to worry about the shade behind the trellis. It also adds a little more privacy to my outdoor living room (seating area I created at the corner of the space).

Another really nice feature about this vertical trellis, is I can relocate it so easily. Just 9 screws need to be undone to remove it. The trellis size is 8 long and 5 foot tall (from the top of the raised bed). Given that the beds are about 17 inches tall, the actual size of the posts need to be 77 inches tall.


I choose to use the nylon trellis that I found at Home Depot. It was under $4. It is the perfect size measuring 5 x 8. That is why I made the trellis 5 feet tall from the top of the raised bed. Using the metal galvanized wire would have costs over $50 since you have to buy it in a roll of 50 feet. I only needed 8 feet in length. The nylon trellis is strong and does not get hot and burn those tender plants in this Texas sun. I picked up two while I was at it, in case I want to add another trellis later.

nylon trellis

I purchased four 2 x 3 x 8 untreated lumber from Lowes. One for each end and one in the middle for additional support. The fourth board will be installed at the top to connect them and support the structure. I purchased a few inner brackets to make it easy to attached it.


I cut the three vertical boards with my hand saw to measure 77 inches long.


I predrilled my holes in the three vertical posts and then screwed them into the side of the raised bed using the same 2 1/2 inch galvanized deck screws I used to assemble the beds.


 I bought 1/8 x 1 Zinc washers and some #8 x 1 1/4″ screws to make it easy to attach the nylon mesh to the frame.


I attached the four metal L shaped brackets to the three vertical posts and screwed them into the horizontal top of the frame.

The washers made it easy to attach the nylon trellis. I added them on the top, sides and in the center.


vertical-trellis-10I noticed later, that I may have missed a few spots across the top attaching the nylon trellis but I will go back and add them next week if needed. All in all, it feels very taut and strong.


TIP: I attached the three vertical boards to the raised bed first before installing the horizontal board on top. In hindsight, it would have been easier to assemble the entire trellis first and then attach it to the raised bed. It was difficult trying to hold the top board in place while attaching the brackets and screwing it in.

Thanks to Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl for this tip on building a trellis and attaching it to the raised bed. You can watch her video on this here. 

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