I choose to use the nylon trellis that I found at Home Depot

It was under $4. It is the perfect size measuring 5 x 8.

September 23, 2016 By Jackie D'Elia


I only needed 8 feet in length. The nylon trellis is strong and does not get hot and burn those tender plants in this Texas sun. I picked up two while I was at it, in case I want to add another trellis later.

I purchased four 2 x 3 x 8 untreated lumber from Lowes. One for each end and one in the middle for additional support. The fourth board will be installed at the top to connect them and support the structure. I purchased a few inner brackets to make it easy to attached it.

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That is why I made the trellis 5 feet tall from the top of the raised bed.

September 15, 2016 By Jackie D'Elia


I noticed later, that I may have missed a few spots across the top attaching the nylon trellis but I will go back and add them next week if needed. All in all, it feels very taut and strong.

I attached the three vertical boards to the raised bed first before installing the horizontal board on top. In hindsight, it would have been easier to assemble the entire trellis first and then attach it to the raised bed. It was difficult trying to hold the top board in place while attaching the brackets and screwing it in.

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Using the metal galvanized wire would have costs over $50 since you have to buy it in a roll of 50 feet.

June 05, 2016 By Jackie D'Elia


I first spotted this variety at Buchanan’s Native Plants in November 2011. I had never seen this color before. The color of the trumpet flowers are more complex than the traditional sunny yellow variety ‘Gold Star’.

What a delightful surprise to see my photographs and comments in this Summer Gardening article in the July 2011 issue of Houston House and Home.

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Tropical waterlies are in full bloom now in my stock tank water garden. Nymphaea ‘Lindsey Woods’ is smiling up at the Texas sun and basking in the heat. What a work of art this flower is. The colors are so vivid, it appears as if the petals were dipped in wet paint.

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