November Photo Contest: End of the Line

This is my first time to enter Gardening Gone Wild’s photo contest. Here is my November entry for “End of the Line“. What a rewarding experience it was to finish my raised beds.

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  1. says

    Jackie .. this is perfect girl ! .. clean lines, great lighting .. it says it all in a simple straight forward way.
    I am jealous in fact … : ) wish I had more raised beds .. heck, wish all of my borders were raised in fact .. see ? just plain jealous !! LOL

    • Jacqueline D'Elia says

      That is exactly how I felt after seeing these beds on Patti Moreno’s videos. I wanted them. It took about a year, but I finally got them. :)

  2. says

    Jackie~~ Perfection! Not a weed to be seen, a beautiful end of the line. Yet so rife with anticipation for next year. Or since you’re in Texas, a few months? Award worthy, for sure!!