I started a few Zucchini from seeds about two weeks ago

And have resorted to unsophisticated shading methods to provide them with light but without the blazing direct Texas sun.

September 08, 2015 By Jackie D'Elia


Nothing as sad as seeing your healthy and blooming squash plants, suddenly die, when vine borers eat the stem from the inside out. Little Rock, Arkansas. Last time I was there was in the 70′s on a road trip to the Northeast. A few months ago, I was invited to attend a 2 day garden blogger’s event hosted by P. Allen Smith and his sponsors in Little Rock bout 24 prominent garden bloggers from around the country were invited to attend this exclusive event this past week.

A skeptic at heart, I must admit I initially thought there would be a catch to this expense paid trip. There wasn’t. No expectations or restrictions were placed on us about our coverage of the event. We were treated to deluxe hotel accommodations at the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock and gourmet meals prepared by Chef Brian Kelley at the farm.

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The seeds germinated and it appears they are going to make it.

June 20, 2015 By Jackie D'Elia


Allen is a true southern gentlemen and he and his staff were gracious and delightful to be around. Charming with a witty sense of humor, he was the perfect host. Our entire stay was first class even through a series of challenging weather events.

I especially liked their focus on sustainability. From powerful, yet cordless chainsaws to biodegradable container pots, we heard what each company was doing to reduce their impact on the environment. I’ve heard that starting them later in the season when the Squash vine borers are not so active may yield better results.

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Meticulously designed with flowing pathways, raised beds, borders, roses, and just about every kind of flower you can imagine. Cottage elegance masterfully planned in a utilitarian design. It simply works and produces food, flowers and comfort. You’ll hear the jars make a POP sound as they cool with means they are sealed. You can tell by looking at the lid which will appear concaved (slopes downward in the center). You know this is the part I am watching very carefully.

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