Fungus Gnat Control for Houseplants

fungus gnat yellow sticky trap

Well it didn’t take long after transplanting a few houseplants before the fungus gnats arrived. Fungus gnats thrive in moist growing medium typically used for houseplants. I noticed a few flying around my Ficus lyrata (Fiddle-leaf fig). Once I inspected the soil, I saw the adult gnats crawling around the surface. I tried a spray… [Read More]

New Genesis Child Theme for


Southern Post Journal has updated the child theme on Genesis Framework (affiliate link). It is now using the eleven40 PRO Theme (affiliate link) theme. As I mentioned in a previous post, I prefer the responsive themes that are built into Genesis. That means it automatically formats itself for the device it is being viewed on. So now,… [Read More]

I’m Moving to Charlotte NC!


It’s official. I am moving to Charlotte NC around the first of March. Here’s to a new adventure and much better climate for gardening. Charlotte has four seasons and is a beautiful city. Lots to do over the next two months to get ready. On a very sad note, Kohl passed away on September 21,… [Read More]

Southern Post Gets New Theme


          Southern Post Journal has switched from Thesis Theme to Genesis Framework running the Minimum Theme. Over the next month, I’ll be refining the theme design. With so many viewers using tablets and smart phones for browsing, it is crucial that your WordPress theme be RESPONSIVE. That means it automatically formats… [Read More]

Wash Tub Lettuce

006A3817 copy

This little washtub has provided a daily supply of organically grown lettuce for me since the first week of December. In Houston, a planting like this can last through the entire winter. All I did was punch a few drainage holes in the bottom, filled it with soil, and sprinkled with a package of seeds…. [Read More]